Here are a few of the products I have managed.

Orbits First Smart Sprinkler Timer and App

Orbit B-hyve

I started working with Orbit in 2015 to help them develop their new sprinkler timer. I was tasked with both the product management of the mobile applications, and the principle UI/UX designer. I worked on the project for 2 years.

Today the Orbit B-Hyve is one of the best selling sprinkler timers on the market with an Amazon rating of 4 stars with 1,385 reviews, and an iOS app store rating of 4.1 stars with nearly 4000 reviews.






Lifespan Active Trac

Lifespan Active Trac

ActiveTrac is the mobile application from Lifespan fitness designed to sync data between their line of bluetooth enabled fitness equipment and mobile phones. I have maintained the role of product manager over their mobile development through a number of years and a number of companies.

One of the unique challenges in this project has been working with the different hardware teams from Taiwan. Through the many challenges in working with variations in the communication protocols, Lifespan has continued to seek my expertise in maintaining and adding new supported equipment and features to their applications.





Right on Cue Services: Show|Ready & Stage|Tracks

Right on Cue Services

ShowReady and StageTracks are ROCS flagship products for delivering customized show content to theaters around the country. These softwares help community theaters tailor the shows music to their performances, allowing them to customize the shows to fit their venue by allowing them to edit each track. ROCS contacted me in 2012 to bring this platform forward by creating mobile versions of theses tools. I have lead the team that produced both of these products and subsequent updates for the past 6 years.





Quick Track OMNI

Quick Track OMNI

QuickTrack OMNI is a mobile application that communicates over bluetooth to a radio receiver and transmitters fit to dog collars. The applications purpose is to allow sporting dogs to be tracked over long distances without the need for a cellular connection. I was tasked to be the product manager over the mobile development while at Pixio. My roles included application design, software development, and project management.





Smart Barbecue

Smart Smokers: My Big Passion

To my knowledge, I built the worlds first smart smoker called the Wi-B-Que in 2012. This project was a prototype that never launched. I worked with my team at the University of Utah and built the prototype from start to finish in around 4 months. While this version was crude and unpolished, the concept and idea has been evolving in my mind and heart ever since. In 2017 I began working with the team at Dansons to get them started on the path to making their smokers and grills “Smart”.

During this process I have come up with many ideas and methods for improving the quality of both the smokers themselves, as well as the process in which people learn to cook with them. There are a few competitors in the market today, but none have come close to the potential that is possible with advances in AI, Machine Learning, and crowd sourced data. I hope to be able to continue working in this field to bring real innovation to this space in the future.